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Medical Checkup FAAST Flight Jogja – June 2023


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At the date of 20 June 2023, flight attendant school students, Stewardess, and FAAST Airline Staff for Yogyakarta Flights. June Force 2023 undergo a medical checkup as an important requirement in their preparation for the world of aviation. Medical checkups are carried out with the aim of ensuring that each participant is in good physical condition and health. In addition to meeting the health standards set out in the aviation industry.

This medical checkup is carried out at a medical facility that is trusted and experienced in medical examinations for prospective flight attendants, flight attendant, and airline staff. Each participant follows the examination process which covers various aspects, from a physical examination to a thorough health evaluation.

Medical Checkup FAAST Flight Jogja - June 2023
Medical Checkup FAAST Flight Jogja – June 2023

During medical checkups, each participant was examined individually by a trained and competent medical team. They perform a thorough physical examination including height measurements, body weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. Besides that, vision and hearing tests are also carried out to ensure participants meet the visual and auditory health standards required in the world of aviation.

Apart from a physical examination, There are also laboratory tests which include blood tests, urine test, and other tests to get a more complete picture of the participant's health condition. This examination is important in identifying any health conditions that need special attention or require medical treatment before they can engage in flight duties.

During the inspection process, the medical team also provided information and advice to each participant about the importance of maintaining physical and mental health, including tips on healthy eating patterns, sport, and stress management. Participants are also given the opportunity to ask questions and consult with the medical team regarding any health concerns or problems they have.

Dokumentasi Kegiatan Medical Checkup

Dokumentasi lengkap dari medical checkup ini termasuk rekaman medis dan catatan pemeriksaan yang akan menjadi bagian penting dalam rekam jejak kesehatan peserta. This information will be kept confidential and used as an important reference. This right is to ensure that each participant meets the health requirements set by the aviation authority.

Through this medical checkup, flight attendant school students, Stewardess, and FAAST Airline Staff Yogyakarta Flight batch of June 2023. Have the opportunity to evaluate their own health.

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