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Celebration of Independence at FAAST Aviation : Unity Knitting Festive Competition


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18 August 2023 is a special day for all FAAST Aviation students. In commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day, flight attendant school, flight attendant, and the airlines staff held a competition full of enthusiasm and togetherness. Although originating from various regions throughout Indonesia, FAAST Aviation students unite in the spirit of independence and unity.

The competition that was held on that day became a place for students to show their skills, courage, and their cooperation. With various types of competitions held, starting from guessing the picture, balloon relay, flour relay, to challenges such as putting straws in bottles and leaking pipes, each participant has the opportunity to give their best.

However, This competition is not just a competition. More than that, the main purpose of this event is to foster the spirit of independence and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among FAAST Aviation students. Even though they have diverse backgrounds, both culturally, ethnic group, nor religion, the spirit of nationalism that is reflected in this independence anniversary is the glue that binds them together.

Lively FAAST Aviation Independence Commemoration Competition -37
Lively FAAST Aviation Independence Commemoration Competition -37

Enhancing Association and Union in Independence Commemoration at FAAST Aviation

One of the messages to be realized through this competition is how important unity is in diversity. By collaborating on every challenge, students learn that diversity is a wealth that must be maintained and respected. Competitions such as the balloon relay and the flour relay illustrate that each individual has an important role in achieving a common goal. Likewise with other challenges, which emphasizes that teamwork is the key to success.

It's not only the students who are involved, but also the teachers and school staff took part in enlivening this event. They don't just act as supervisors, but also as an inspiration that encourages the spirit of the contestants to keep trying and creating. Involvement of all parties, both students and staff, stressed that the spirit of independence belongs to all and must be celebrated.

Along with the running of the competitions and excitement that bubbling up, the message about the importance of the spirit of independence and unity is increasingly permeating in the hearts of every individual. Every winner is not just the person who succeeded in the race, but also all the participants who together celebrate these noble values.

Lively FAAST Aviation Independence Commemoration Competition -44
Lively FAAST Aviation Independence Commemoration Competition -44

The excitement of the independence commemoration competition at FAAST Aviation on 18 August 2023 is a reflection of the unshakable spirit of nationalism and unity. In the midst of diversity, students from various regions and backgrounds have proven that the spirit of independence is the fire that can unite us all. With high hopes and enthusiasm, they walk together towards a better future, uphold national values, association, and diversity.

Documentation of the Independence Commemoration Competition at FAAST Aviation

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