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Table of Manners of FAAST Yogyakarta Flight Class June 2023


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In the aviation industry, a flight attendant or steward does not only act as a security guard and passenger comfort in the air. But, also as ambassadors of hospitality and professionalism. One important aspect of the image that must be maintained is ethics and manners. Including in informal situations such as when eating. At the date of 16 August 2023, FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta students majoring in flight attendants and flight attendants class of June 2023. Has attended the Table Manner workshop held at the Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta.

Weave Elegance and Courtesy in the Air

Flight Attendant School Table Manner & Staff Airlines FAAST Flights (25 of 38)
Flight Attendant School Table Manner & Staff Airlines FAAST Flights (25 of 38)

This activity does not only aim to teach how to eat food properly. But, also to teach appropriate communication and politeness skills in a variety of situations. In daily work, flight attendants and stewards will interact with passengers from various cultural backgrounds, and having the ability to speak and behave politely is essential.

Highlights dari Workshop

The Yogyakarta Aviation FAAST Table Manner Workshop was held in response to the importance of social and ethical skills in the world of aviation. The following are some important points discussed in this activity:

  1. Correct Eating Procedures: Participants are taught how to use cutlery, starting from the fork, knife, to the plate. Besides that, The importance of maintaining body posture and a good way of eating food is also a main focus.
  2. Effective Communication: Apart from the physical aspect, Good communication is also a key point in this workshop. Participants are taught how to speak calmly, clear, and friendly to passengers, and how to handle difficult situations with a professional attitude.
  3. Maintaining personal and company image: Ethics and politeness are a reflection of the individual and the company they work for. Participants are taught about the importance of maintaining a positive image and how proper etiquette can help build good relationships with passengers.
  4. Cultural Diversity: The world of aviation connects various cultures and backgrounds. Participants are given insight into the various social norms and eating habits that apply in various countries, so they can interact with passengers from various origins.

Building Quality Flight Attendants and Stewardesses

This activity is part of FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta's commitment to equip its students with holistic skills, not only technical in aviation, but also social skills that are vital in building a successful career. It is hoped that participants will be able to apply the knowledge gained in this activity in every aspect of their future work.

With high spirits, Yogyakarta Aviation FAAST students majoring in flight attendants and flight attendants took part in this Table Manner workshop. With the hope that the ethics and courtesy they learn will become an inseparable part of themselves and can be internalized in every interaction with passengers. We hope that flights to and from Yogyakarta will always be accompanied by professional service, ramah, and high quality.

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