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Table Manner FAAST Yogyakarta Flights at Platinum Adisucipto Hotel


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Flight Attendant School for Flight Attendants and Airlines Staff FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta July Class 2022 carry out Table Manner activities at Hotel Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta on Thursday, 25 August 2022.

Table Manner of Yogyakarta Flight Attendant School FAAST July Class 2022 at Platinum Adisucipto Hotel Yogyakarta
Table Manner for the Best Flight Attendant School in Yogyakarta

This time the Table Manner begins with Hotel Tour. FAAST Aviation students are invited to tour all parts of the Platinum Hotel. After that, it was continued with a Cooking Demo by chef Irwan Sakti. Chef irwan cooks the main course that will be served, namely chicken cordon bleu.

Students FAAST Aviation very enthusiastic about participating in the activity. The following is the documentation of the activity.

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18 August 2023 is a special day for all FAAST Aviation students. In commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day, flight attendant school, flight attendant, and the airlines staff held a competition full of enthusiasm and togetherness. Although originating from various regions throughout Indonesia, FAAST Aviation students unite in the spirit of independence and unity. The competition that was held on that day became a place for students to show their skills, courage, and their cooperation. With various types of competitions held, starting from guessing the picture, balloon relay, flour relay, to challenges such as putting straws in bottles and leaking pipes, each participant has the opportunity to give their best. However, This competition is not just a competition. More than that, the main purpose of this event is to foster the spirit of independence and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among FAAST Aviation students. Even though they have diverse backgrounds, both culturally, ethnic group, nor religion, the spirit of nationalism that is reflected in this independence anniversary is the glue that binds them together. Improving Unity and Unity in Commemoration of Independence at Aviation FAAST One of the messages that this competition wants to convey is the importance of unity in diversity.. By collaborating on every challenge, students learn that diversity is a wealth that must be maintained and respected. Competitions such as the balloon relay and the flour relay illustrate that each individual has an important role in achieving a common goal. Likewise with other challenges, which emphasizes that teamwork is the key to success. It's not only the students who are involved, but also the teachers and school staff took part in enlivening this event. They don't just act as supervisors, but also as an inspiration that encourages the spirit of the contestants to keep trying and creating. Involvement of all parties, both students and staff, stressed that the spirit of independence belongs to all and must be celebrated. Along with the running of the competitions and excitement that bubbling up, the message about the importance of the spirit of independence and unity is increasingly permeating in the hearts of every individual. Every winner is not just the person who succeeded in the race, but also all the participants who together celebrate these noble values. The excitement of the independence commemoration competition at FAAST Aviation on 18 August 2023 is a reflection of the unshakable spirit of nationalism and unity. In the midst of diversity, students from various regions and backgrounds have proven that the spirit of independence is the fire that can unite us all. With high hopes and enthusiasm, they walk together towards a better future, uphold national values, association, and diversity. Documentation of the Independence Commemoration Competition at FAAST Aviation

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In the aviation industry, a flight attendant or steward does not only act as a security guard and passenger comfort in the air. But, also as ambassadors of hospitality and professionalism. One important aspect of the image that must be maintained is ethics and manners. Including in informal situations such as when eating. At the date of 16 August 2023, FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta students majoring in flight attendants and flight attendants class of June 2023. Has attended the Table Manner workshop held at the Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta. Maintaining Elegance and Courtesy in the Air This activity is not only aimed at teaching how to eat food properly. But, also to teach appropriate communication and politeness skills in a variety of situations. In daily work, flight attendants and stewards will interact with passengers from various cultural backgrounds, and having the ability to speak and behave politely is essential. Highlights of the Workshop The Yogyakarta Aviation FAAST Table Manner Workshop was held as a response to the importance of social and ethical skills in the world of aviation. The following are some important points discussed in this activity: Building Qualified Flight Attendants and Stewardess This activity is part of FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta's commitment to equip its students with holistic skills, not only technical in aviation, but also social skills that are vital in building a successful career. It is hoped that participants will be able to apply the knowledge gained in this activity in every aspect of their future work. With high spirits, Yogyakarta Aviation FAAST students majoring in flight attendants and flight attendants took part in this Table Manner workshop. With the hope that the ethics and courtesy they learn will become an inseparable part of themselves and can be internalized in every interaction with passengers. We hope that flights to and from Yogyakarta will always be accompanied by professional service, ramah, and high quality. Documentation of Table Manners FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta Gallery of Activities Table Manners Batch June 2023

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At the date of 20 June 2023, flight attendant school students, Stewardess, and FAAST Airline Staff for Yogyakarta Flights. June Force 2023 undergo a medical checkup as an important requirement in their preparation for the world of aviation. Medical checkups are carried out with the aim of ensuring that each participant is in good physical condition and health. In addition to meeting the health standards set out in the aviation industry. This medical checkup is carried out at a medical facility that is trusted and experienced in medical examinations for prospective flight attendants, flight attendant, and airline staff. Each participant follows the examination process which covers various aspects, from a physical examination to a thorough health evaluation. During medical checkups, each participant was examined individually by a trained and competent medical team. They perform a thorough physical examination including height measurements, body weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. Besides that, vision and hearing tests are also carried out to ensure participants meet the visual and auditory health standards required in the world of aviation. Apart from a physical examination, There are also laboratory tests which include blood tests, urine test, and other tests to get a more complete picture of the participant's health condition. This examination is important in identifying any health conditions that need special attention or require medical treatment before they can engage in flight duties. During the inspection process, the medical team also provided information and advice to each participant about the importance of maintaining physical and mental health, including tips on healthy eating patterns, sport, and stress management. Participants are also given the opportunity to ask questions and consult with the medical team regarding any health concerns or problems they have. Documentation of Medical Checkup Activities Complete documentation of the medical checkup includes medical records and examination notes which will become an important part of the participant's health track record. This information will be kept confidential and used as an important reference. This right is to ensure that each participant meets the health requirements set by the aviation authority. Through this medical checkup, flight attendant school students, Stewardess, and FAAST Airline Staff Yogyakarta Flight batch of June 2023. Have the opportunity to evaluate their own health.

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