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Welcome Ceremoni & Public Lecture by FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta – January 2023


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At the date of 9 January 2023, flight attendant school students, Stewardess, and FAAST Airline Staff for Yogyakarta Flights. January Force 2023 greeted with a lively welcome ceremonial event. This event aims to welcome new students and provide an introduction to the school. Besides that, the curriculum, as well as hopes and expectations for their future in the aviation industry.

Welcome Ceremoni & Public Lecture by FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta - January 2023

The welcome ceremony was attended by new students, teaching staff, and representatives from FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta. The event started with an entrance procession which showed the pride and enthusiasm of the new students when they entered the event room.

After the procession entered, the event continued with remarks from the Director and representatives from Yogyakarta Aviation FAAST. They provide motivation and hope to new students, remind them of the importance of dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm for success.

Aviation School Welcome Ceremonial Video

After the welcome, the event continued with a public lecture delivered by an experienced practitioner in the aviation industry. This public lecture is designed to provide in-depth insight into the flight attendant profession, flight attendant, and airline staff, as well as the challenges and opportunities they will face in their careers.

The speakers gave inspirational and informative presentations, share personal experiences, and provide valuable advice to new students. They explained about the skills required, aviation standards that must be upheld, and the importance of safety and security in working in the aviation industry.

During public lectures, new students are given the opportunity to ask questions and interact with speakers. They can gain a better understanding of their chosen profession and build relationships with professionals in the aviation industry.

Welcome Ceremoni & Public Lecture by FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta - January 2023

This welcome ceremonial event and public lecture provides an opportunity for new students to feel the atmosphere of the school and get to know more about their academic environment. Besides that, this event is also a good start to build a strong community between fellow students and teaching staff.

Photographs of the General Lecture and Welcome Ceremonial FAAST Yogyakarta Flight Class of January 2023

Complete documentation of the welcome ceremonial and public lecture consisting of photos and videos will become precious memories for all participants. The information and insights gained from this event will become a strong foundation in their journey to achieve their dreams in the aviation industry.

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