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Yogyakarta FAAST Flight Attendant School Graduation – July 2022


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At the date of 19 Mei 2023, the long-awaited moment has arrived for the Flight Attendant School students, Stewardess, and Staff of the Yogyakarta Airline FAAST Flight Yogyakarta class of July 2022. They celebrated their extraordinary achievements in a graduation ceremony held at the Platinum Adisucipto Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta.

This graduation ceremony is the culmination of the long and hard journey of the students during their education at FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta. They have gone through various academic and practicum challenges, as well as honing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the world of aviation.

The graduation was attended by graduate students, family, teaching staff, as well as invited guests. Everyone gathered with joy and pride. Platinum Adisucipto Hotel & The Yogyakarta Convention is the perfect place to celebrate their achievements, with an elegant and stunning atmosphere.

The highlight of the graduation ceremony was the moment of giving samir and handing over certificates to the graduates. Every name that was called radiated happiness and pride. Each of the students received their certificate with pride, marks the end of their academic journey at FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta and the start of a new adventure in their career.

FAAST Aviation Yogyakarta Graduation class July 2022 at the Platinum Adisucipto Hotel & The Yogyakarta Convention is a historic moment that the graduates will always remember. Full documentation of this event consists of photos and videos that will become treasured memories and immortalize this unforgettable moment.

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