FAAST Aviation

FAAST Aviation

Stewardess School, Stewardess, and Airline Staff, and Best Hospitality in Indonesia

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FAAST Aviation is not just an ordinary training institute. This is a learning center that specializes in training prospective flight attendants, flight attendant, and airline and hotel staff to achieve standards of excellence. Supported by experience and industry expertise, FAAST Aviation takes a holistic approach to ensure every graduate is ready to face the challenges of this dynamic industry.

Highlighting Quality in Every Aspect of Training

FAAST Aviation realizes that service quality in the aviation industry is not only measured from technical aspects. Therefore, each training program is carefully designed, involves a combination of theory and practice. With modern training facilities and realistic simulations, Students are prepared to face various situations that may occur in the field.


The official FAAST Aviation Permit is not just a piece of paper that grants rights, but about usUnderstanding Quality and Professionalism in the Aviation and Hospitality Industry. So therefore, The following are permits that we have obtained from several related institutions :

Flight FAAST Registration Has Opened

At the moment, FAAST Aviation has opened registration for the Flight Attendant training program, Stewardess, Flight Staff, and Hospitality. The good news, class students 12 or equivalent can already register. However, considering the limited quota, It is recommended to take steps immediately and register before the quota is filled. Don't miss this opportunity to start your journey towards an exciting career in the aviation industry. Click the register button below to fill out the registration form and immediately join FAAST Aviation.

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Hurry up register, Opportunity does not come twice!

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