FAAST Aviation

FAAST Aviation

Stewardess School, Stewardess, and Airline Staff, and Best Hospitality in Indonesia

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FAAST Aviation

PHASE (Flight Attendant & Airline Staff Training) is an educational institution & flight attendant training & staff airline.

FAAST Aviation is ready to answer the challenges of the growth and development of air transportation which is growing year by year.

Education & Training

FAAST Aviation has a short training method, Professionals with affordable tuition fees. Tempat pendidikan yang nyaman didukung dengan pelayanan yang ramah & profesional adalah kunci keberhasilan dalam menyiapkan SDM dunia penerbangan yang siap bersaing di dunia kerja. Collaborated with the education system with advanced technology that will make the learning system more fun.

Side Job

FAAST Penerbangan selain memberikan pendidikan & pelatihan, also trying to help educational participants to be able to work in the aviation world through the provision of knowledge according to the needs of airlines as well as communicative and interactive English.. FAAST Aviation also provides mental and personality formation so as to create quality and character human resources. Not only that, FAAST Aviation also has qualified and experienced instructors.​

Flight FAAST Registration Has Opened

At the moment, FAAST Aviation has opened registration for the Flight Attendant training program, Stewardess, Flight Staff, and Hospitality. The good news, class students 12 or equivalent can already register. However, considering the limited quota, It is recommended to take steps immediately and register before the quota is filled. Don't miss this opportunity to start your journey towards an exciting career in the aviation industry. Click the register button below to fill out the registration form and immediately join FAAST Aviation.

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Hurry up register, Opportunity does not come twice!

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